gelliebeans “candy jar” gel nails @ home starter kit Review


I purchased this gelliebeans “candy jar” gel nails at home starter kit, mini LED Lamp & 2 polishes from for $82.  The kit includes the following:  Primer, Rock Bottom Base, Hard Candy Shell, No Sticky Finish, lint-free wipes, foil wraps, and gel remover/ cuticle pusher.  The mini LED lamp and polishes are sold separately.

This kit does not include EVERYthing you’ll need. You will also need a nail file to lightly buff the top layer of nail and to get the edges the shape you like.

The brush on the primer separated in 1/2 each time… annoying but got the job done …slowly.

After the Primer, Rock Bottom Base Coat and 2 coats of “sparkle sparkle” polish with “curing” in mini LED lamp in between each step… it was time for the Hard Candy Shell Finish.  The instructions say to “avoid cuticle and skin area”… which I thought I had done, but I quickly found out that it was not as neat a paint job as I’d thought! When you put your nails in the mini LED lamp this time… they will be a BRIGHT aqua color!  It is very easy to see whether you stayed within the lines or not LOL.  (I used the cuticle tool to scrape the parts on my skin and cuticle right away.)  I did a much better job on the 2nd hand, having learned my lesson 🙂

This was my first time doing an at home gel kit and I wasn’t sure what to expect, so throughout all of these layers, my nails were so sticky (appearing wet to me) and I started to get discouraged.  I was thinking I was out $82 on a bad beauty investment.  I guess I just didn’t know how gel polish worked!  Because, the last and final step was amazing to me!

The swiping over each nail with the no sticky finish made each nail dry, smooth and perfectly polished!  I could not believe it… My nails were sparkletastic!!  A 90-minute process in total… but I was happy with the results!  They were SO shiny that I couldn’t help but stare at them periodically throughout that day in awe of my impressive skills LOL.


8 days later… I was in a pool for about an hour and when I got out for a bit, I noticed that one of my nails had chipped polish!  The first chip in 8 days… not bad at all!  I proceeded to pick at the chipped area and was able to easily peel the entire gel layered mani off with no damage to my nail beds!  I continued for 7 more nails since it was so easy and I was clearly not going to go around town with only 9 nails painted 🙂  I left the 2 thumb nails though, so that I could attempt to remove the gel layers as suggested in the mini manual that came with the kit.

For that part, you have to dab a small amount of the gelliebeans best remover onto the gelliebeans lint-free wipes and put one on top of each nail… then covering each with a piece of gelliebeans foil to create a sealed wrap over each nail… letting it sit for 10 minutes.  This was not as easy as the first 8 that I peeled right off, but it did the trick… with minimal nail damage.

The polish bottles are very tiny, at 0.13 fl oz, so i think i will only get 3 mani’s max out of each bottle.  I am absolutely going to use this kit over & over again… i love it!

I give this kit 4 paws!

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