JewelMint VIP Box: June 2014 Review


The JewelMint VIP box is $29.99 a month (auto-bills on the 15th of each month), and promises to contain 3 brand new VIP box exclusive pieces, valued at $80.

The box contained the following:

  1. Handpiece  (OMG totally obsessed with this piece!! It is so unique and gorgeous.)
  2. Necklace  (This is a great signature piece that could be worn everyday… It’s very simple, yet edgy with the spike detail.  I like this necklace.)
  3. Bracelet/ arm cuff  (I also like this bracelet/ arm cuff, however… the faux gem tones are a color palette that doesn’t match much in my closet, so i may gift this to someone…. or maybe not… LOL!)

Overall I am extremely pleased with my first VIP box from JewelMint.  All 3 pieces are a great value at $29.99!  Shipping is included in that flat rate & the packaging of the items is nice… between sturdy foam in cute JewelMint black boxes with adorable elastic bows!  Can’t wait for the July 2014 box!!

I give this box 4 paws!!

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