Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips Review


I’ve been using these Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips, pretty much since they first debuted on the shelves & have labeled myself as their unofficial spokesperson LOL.  However,… I feel there are some things you need to know, when it comes to using/ wearing these fashionable strips!!

  1. Don’t get the solid colored/ plain strips.  These nail strips will chip within the first week of wearing them, despite the “Lasts up to 10 days” promise on the box & the chips are A LOT less noticeable if they are glitter and/or a busy design/ pattern!
  2. Get the glitter polish strips, they look awesome! …but If you do… be prepared to devote 30 minutes of your life and a quarter bottle of nail polish remover to get the strips off when you are done!  It’s a pain in the butt, but the glitter strips are some of my faves!
  3. Do not do back to back polish strips …meaning, don’t immediately put on a new set of strips right after you remove another.  I did this and my nails took a beating!  After putting nail strengthener on, multiple times, …my nails still chipped and broke and peeled away to a painful length.  I think these are best used for special occasions, especially since they offer so many adorable holiday and season themed patterns!

These polish strip kits come with a mini nail file & buffer, cuticle stick, 16 strips and instructions. They are so easy to apply & could take 15-30 minutes, depending on the prep time you took with filing & cuticle adjustments.  Plus there is no dry time, so that rocks for us last-minute stylish girls on the go!

Here are my nails in their “Lust-Rous” nail polish strips, which are black with gold & silver glitter, immediately after application:


Here are my nails on the 10th day of wearing “In the spot-light” polish strips:


As you can see, from a distance… it’s sort of difficult to see that some of the nails are really chipped!

One of my favorite polish strip designs is “Kitty, Kitty”, which is a standard brown leopard that looks amazing!  These are usually priced anywhere from $8 to $10, so unless I feel I NEED to have a certain strip design for an upcoming event… I will typically wait until CVS or Walgreens has the BOGO 1/2 off special and stock up!

One more tidbit of info… Even though there are 16 strips in each pack and you will only use 10… you won’t be able to save the leftovers and use them later with other strips of the same kind, or as a stand-out nail with other strips.  Once you break the air-tight seal on the nail strip packaging they have a short life span… and then become brittle.

With my above rules in mind, I give Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips 4 paws!

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