The Style Box from March 2014 Review


My first ever Style Box from …Love the way it is all packaged up and the “Hello Gorgeous” upon opening!


The March 2014 box theme was “Spring in Paris”, and contained the following:

  1. Melie Bianco Handbag, sugg. retail $80  (I got the pink/blush color & hated everything about it.  Not my style at all, so I sold it on ebay for $35.  If this is what Paris is like in Spring… I’ll make sure to go in Summer LOL!)
  2. Eco-Chic Beauty Brush Set, sugg. retail $25  (I don’t use make-up brushes a whole lot, since my make-up regimen consists of blush, eye-liner, mascara and the occasional lip gloss… but I’m sure one day they will come in handy.)
  3. Floral Fabric Headband, sugg. retail $14 (I would absolutely Never wear this on my head.  I’m 34, not 4 LOL.  However,… I wrapped it around my wrist twice and it makes for such a cute bracelet!)
  4. Avon Care Deeply Lip Balm, sugg. retail $1  (My favorite item in this box!  It contains aloe & has a clean fresh scent that I like.)
  5. South of France Bar Soap, sugg. retail $1  (I can’t remember the last time I used a bar soap… I’m more of an Anti-bacterial liquid soap kinda gal.  But, I’m not wasteful so I used it… doesn’t feel like it gets my hands clean of germs… leaves a somewhat sticky residue feeling… Ew.) estimated a total value of $121.  I paid $42.95 including shipping.  (I purchased a 3-month subscription to save some money.)  Pretty disappointed about my first Style Box considering I’m only crazy about one of the items and that item is only worth $1.  I signed up because I saw the January & February 2014 boxes & Loved what they contained!!  It is still a great value for what I paid, I unfortunately don’t like much of it.  They have 2 more months to make it up to me & convince me to renew my subscription!  Go for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription for the savings!!

Value aside, I give this box 1 paw.

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