JewelMint VIP Box: August 2014 Review



For my 3rd JewelMint VIP box, August 2014, there were 3 items.  (They always package their items so nicely!)  The box included the following items, (claimed to be worth $80 total):

  1. Tribal Trove Necklace,  (I like the style of this necklace… but I really dislike the color combination.  Gold, brown, lavender, teal, peach and silver… it’s just not appealing to me at all!  I will list this piece on ebay.)
  2. Gem Envy Bracelet,  (I don’t like the style OR color palette of this bracelet.  Sage, lavendar & aqua colored gems with gold-tone metal… Just not my style at all.  I will also list this piece on ebay.)
  3. X Marks The Spot Necklace,  (Now this is my style!  My favorite piece in the box!!  The Gold-tone necklace connects to an ‘X’ adorned with clear crystals.  The necklace drop puts the ‘X’ around the bust line… I actually think the ‘X’ looks better closer to my neck, so I will shorten the chain before I rock it!)

I paid the monthly $29.99 fee for this box (which includes the shipping).  I only liked 1 of the 3 pieces, so I’m not over-the-moon about this month’s box.

I give this JewelMint VIP box 2 paws.

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