Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box: September 2014 Review

20140903_202205 is known for their “Fancy Boxes” filled with surprise goodies… delivered right to your doorstep!  Best part?!… some of the subscription box options are curated by celebrities!! That means the items are hand-picked by the celebrity of your choice and each box promises to contain $80.00+ worth of goods.  I’ve been a subscriber to the Jennifer Love Hewitt box since July 2014.  Other celeb boxes available, include Snoop Dogg, Kelly Rowland, Nicky Hilton, Coco Rocha and T-Pain to name a few.  This month’s box contained the following:

  1. La Fresh Face Wipes, $9 on (I live in the Sunshine State… and it’s HOT!  It doesn’t take long at all in this heat, especially in summer, to break a sweat.  I absolutely love wiping my face down with a fresh wipe to cool off and feel refreshed.  Can’t wait to try these out!  Look for this review in my Skin Care section!)
  2. White Galaxy Glow Laces, $12 on (I don’t really wear sneakers anywhere when it’s dark… so I’m not sure when I’ll use these or what sneakers I would put them on… But I’ll figure out a way to have fun with these!)
  3. Fresh Sagaform Smoothie Mug, $11 on (Enclosed info card says “Perfect for smoothies on the go”… I say it’s perfect for Sangria on the go! LOL!!  It’s BPA free too, which I’m all about…. the only toxin I’m putting in my body is alcohol HaHa.)
  4. Onyx Food Container, $29 on (Eco-friendly Tiffin set for packing lunch on the go.  I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this.  I will definitely use this since I take my lunch to work almost every day.  It has 2 compartments that stack, a lid and it sits in a holder that latches shut with a handle on top!)
  5. Kitsch Passion Fruit Headbands, $10 on (some girls may say “you can never have too many” …i think i possibly may have too many LOL.  They are bright and fun & I don’t already have any in this new “tie” style that is becoming so popular.)
  6. Kitsch Passion Fruit Hair Ties, $10 on (Again… I have so many of these… but they are bright, fun colors and I do like the “tie” style for these because they really do look adorable as bracelets too when they aren’t in your hair!)

Six items total in this box, with a value of $81.  I paid just under $50 including shipping.  I like all 6 items… Not super excited about any of them, but I’m happy with what i got and what I paid for it all. 

I give this Fancy Box 3 paws!

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