JewelMint No. 3 “Grapefruit Rouge” Jewelry Candle Review


OH man was I excited when my jewelry candles arrived from JewelMint!!  This candle was the first of it’s kind I’ve ever purchased. These unique 8 oz. candles have a burn time of 45-50 hours, are made up of soy wax and contain a surprise JewelMint jewelry piece, wrapped in a special foil to keep it safe!  I opted to receive a necklace surprise (not a ring) at the time of purchase.

I didn’t waste any time and immediately lit mine up!  The aroma of this candle is amazing… Tart citrus and grapefruit, with floral undertones!  After only an hour burning… I can already see my surprise reveal itself… OMG I was more excited than a 34 year old should be LOL.


Because I absolutely could not wait any longer to see what was lying within the foil package… I blew out the candle and retrieved it from the HOT melted wax with a fork.


I waited a few moments for the foil to cool and then carefully peeled away the layers of foil to reveal my newest accessory!


I like it!  It’s a simple gold necklace that can be worn & layered with almost anything.  I love the chevron & geometric lines and sparkly details.  This could get addicting!  They are normally $29.99 each, but they were on sale… so I purchased it for only $14.00, YAY!

I give this No. 3 JewelMint Jewelry Candle 4 paws!

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