The Style Box from October 2014 Review


The October 2014 box theme was “Follow Your Blissas we venture into the season of sweater weather”, and contained the following:

  1. Wrist-Bliss Watch by Varsales, Sugg. retail $45  (Eww.  I am not liking this AT ALL.  It could be that I already have a couple watches that I really like, one of which also has a frame of crystals… but it’s a white watch and looks classy. This one just looks cheesy.  I’ll be listing it on ebay.)
  2. Traveling Scarf by Papillon, Sugg. retail $22  (I’m loving the print of this scarf.  I’m glad I got the black one… because I would not have liked the peach one I saw in the sneak peak!  It’s starting to get cooler outside, so I’ll be wrapping up with this very soon!)
  3. “Grab-N-Go Bliss Book” by Denik, Sugg. retail $10  (cute little pocket-size notebook …with an Alexander McQueen quote: “It’s a new era in Fashion.  There are no rules.”  I would have preferred it was lined… pages are blank.)
  4. Convertible Clutch by Silverake, Sugg. retail $35  (I am so over getting ugly, boring clutches… in fact I’m pretty over getting clutches all-together!  How many clutches does SocialBliss think we need?!  We’ll all need “clutch closets” if they keep this up LOL!  This doubles as a wallet if you prefer… but I don’t care… This will be on ebay soon!)
  5. “Matte-Hatter” Matte Polish by Nabi, Sugg. retail $3.50  (This top coat/ finishing polish claims to “transform shades of shine, into delicate dusk”.  I don’t have anything like this yet, so I am excited to test it’s magic matte abilities!  Look for this review soon, in my ‘Nails’ category!) estimated a total value of $115.50.  I paid $42.95 including shipping.  (I purchased a 3-month subscription to save some money.)  This is my 8th Style Box.  Although it’s still a great value for what I paid, sadly IS STILL NOT DELIVERING style I like, on the “main” item!!  In this case, I really dislike the 2 most expensive items in the box!  If you are interested in giving it a try, go for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription for the savings!!

Value aside, I give this box 1 paw.

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