Key West Aloe, Oatmeal Facial Scrub Review


I hadn’t heard of this Skincare company until I saw the sale on and being a Floridian, I was excited to get some products to try out!  I was also lured in by the high content of 100% pure aloe vera in their products.  This is regularly $16 on, and I purchase it for $8… so 50% savings was a great deal!!

The product description says this facial scrub combines the scents of apple, apricot, papaya and almond… but I strongly disagree!  The scent is what totally disappointed me.  It doesn’t have a fruit scent to it, whatsoever!  It doesn’t even smell like a good oatmeal, hot from the microwave…(yes, I’m an instant oatmeal kinda girl… who has time for stove-top oatmeal?! LOL).  It cleaned and exfoliated my face just fine,… but so do other facial scrubs that smell much better!  If you are like me and sniff all of your skincare products before you buy them (those of you who have accidentally squirted body wash or shampoo up your nose LOL)… then I don’t recommend this at all.

I give this facial scrub 1 paw.

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