Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box: November 2014 Review

image is known for their “Fancy Boxes” filled with surprise goodies… delivered right to your doorstep!  Best part?!… some of the subscription box options are curated by celebrities!! That means the items are hand-picked by the celebrity of your choice and each box promises to contain $80.00+ worth of goods.  I’ve been a subscriber to the Jennifer Love Hewitt box since July 2014.  Other celeb boxes available, include Snoop Dogg, Kelly Rowland, Nicky Hilton, Coco Rocha and T-Pain to name a few.  This month’s box contained the following:

  1. Waku Sweater Cup & Saucer, $14 on  (I don’t have much need for a cup & saucer set… when I drink tea, it’s in a mug twice the size of this cup and… is a saucer really necessary?!  It’s just a fancy coaster that will need to be washed LOL.  The sweater pattern is cute, but I will likely gift this or sell it on ebay.)
  2. Colour Me Good Kate Moss Book, $12 on  (I’m a creative person, so I love the idea of adult themed coloring books! …I’m just not a fan of Kate Moss.  When I looked for this on amazon, I saw the Illustrator, Mel Elliott, has a lot of these published!  I would have rather had the “Fashion” or “Cara Delevingne” book!!  But if anything, purchasing these fancy boxes introduces me to wonderful things I never knew existed, …like this!)
  3. “You’re Beautiful.” Cards & Case, $5 on  (15 cards that say “You’re Beautiful, and it took all I have inside to hand you this.”  Metal case included.  This should be meant for men… I would never give one of these cards to anyone… it is silly & slightly weird/creepy LOL.  I’ll be selling this on ebay.)
  4. Gipsy Big Spot Tights, $16 on  (Black sheer tights with black opaque dots, one size fits all.  Upon looking at the photo on amazon, of these tights on a model,… these look less like a fashion statement… and more like a skin condition LOL!  I like polka dots, but not in this way, Ew!  I’ll be listing these on ebay!)
  5. Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo 2.5oz,  $19 on  (I am yet to find a dry shampoo that truly makes my hair look and feel freshly washed… when it’s not.  Look for this review very soon, after I test it out!)
  6. Two’s Company Chatham Globe Vase, $15 on  (Made of hand-blown glass and can be used as a candle holder, vase or candy dish. This is probably something I didn’t need, but it’s cute and I’ll find it a purpose in my home.)

Six items total in this box, with a value of $81.00.  I paid just under $50 including shipping.  I’m only keeping 2 of the 6 items in the box, but the value greatly exceeds what I paid and is actually $1 over the $80 guaranteed value!  This month’s selections weren’t great & I’m not too sure what the theme was.  Also, I didn’t get the info card that usually comes with each box, describing why JLH chose each item.

I give this Fancy Box 2 paws.  (If the value wasn’t this good, I would’ve given it 1 paw!)

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