Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Textured Nail Color Review


I discovered this Sally Hansen Sugar Coat textured nail color in #200 “Sugar Fix”, on and purchased it for $8.  It is also available in orange and blue.  I got the white because it was the most realistic version of sugar. Bottle instructions say to “apply 2 thin coats”… which i did.  This stuff drys super fast, which is awesome!!  I loathe having to wait for my nails to fully dry, which is partially why I switched to gel or wraps… unless I’m testing out product!  I like the look of this and thought it was perfect for the holiday season/ winter… since it also looks like snow!  Living in Florida, this is likely the closest I’ll get to snow w/o traveling out of state LOL!  I didn’t put a clear top coat on, because I liked the natural matte look.  It is possible that because of this they chipped quite a bit after only a few days.  Nonetheless, I feel like this is a specialty polish that I would only want to wear for an appropriate event anyways (like family cookie night!), so no worries in the longevity department with me!

Even though my mom says it looks like white out and my brother-in-law says it looks like white sand paper… (ok, I can see the resemblances LOL) … I still give this product 3 paws!

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