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I hunted and hunted online, for the perfect cat condo for my new kitten Bentley and his big sister Sable and finally came across this gem!  I was not interested in the typical brown and beige colored condos I see everywhere online and in pet stores… I wanted something more modern and chic!  I Love how this condo has the black plush-like carpet and the black and white striped scratch posts are a very on-trend design feature.  This was a local company, also in Florida, so I wanted to give them a chance even though I couldn’t find any reviews for the website online.  I paid $112.99 total, which is an amazing deal for a 60″ tall cat condo!  It arrived on time and was a simple transaction!  It did require some assembly, but my fiance’ had nearly put it together already, by the time I came home from work!  Because it needed to be assembled, the box was only as big as the base (length x width) and the height was as tall as the house and cylinder cubby next to each other.


Within 5 minutes of the condo being “up and running” cutie Bentley investigated it and jumped right up to the top to attack the dangling mouse toy (not pictured, because he detached it so quickly and ran off with it, with our rotty Bubba following closely behind to see what new toy he could steal away from Bentley LOL)  Sable is a 14-yr old persian kitty, so she isn’t too interested in the condo… she had a different one back in her kitten days, so she’s been there done that LOL.  Bentley however LOVES it!  I have since moved it next to a window in the bedroom where he can look at the squirrels in the tree all day.  He sleeps on it as well, most nights…. when he’s not nuzzling up to his best bud Bubba… OMG are they cute!!!

I give this website and the cat condo 4 paws!!

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