JewelMint VIP BOX: November 2014 Review


For my 6th JewelMint VIP box, November 2014, there were 3 items.  (As always the items were packaged up neatly with a bow!)  The box included the following items, (claimed to be an $80 value):

  1. Rose Laurel Earrings, (I gifted my sister w/ these adorably dainty rose gold ear jacket earrings for Christmas to keep her stylish! They are simple, chic and trendy… she loved them.)
  2. Rose Triad Necklace, (I didn’t like this necklace.  It doesn’t lay on the neck right/ flat, so it looks weird. I had to keep adjusting it. I’m listing this on ebay.)
  3. Jeweled Throne Pendant, (This necklace is not my style, but would look absolutely adorable on my niece, so I’m gifting this to her on her 13th b-day!  It is aqua, pink and glittery… she’ll love it!)

I paid the monthly $29.99 fee for this box (which includes the shipping).  I gifted 2 of the 3 pieces… and didn’t like the Rose necklace.  I wish I liked ALL 3 pieces.

Unfortunately JewelMint just notified me via email that they are discontinuing the VIP Box and that November is the last one… I am SO sad!  Although they didn’t deliver style I loved every time… it was always a great value and whatever I didn’t like would sell on ebay!  JewelMint VIP Box… I will miss you!!

I give this JewelMint VIP box 3 paws.

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