BarkBox December 2014 Review


Bubba is starting to know when I say “Bark Box”, that a package of goodies has arrived for him!  It is SO precious!!

BarkBox promises to contain 4-6 dog treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products that are unique from anything they’ll ever send in later boxes.  They hold extremely high standards for all the edible items, sourcing only from USA, Canada, South America and New Zealand. Inside this month’s Christmas themed BarkBox:


  1. R2Pet Zany Ziggler Giggler Moose, Retail $11  (I love the dog toys that have the giggle noise box! They sound so cute when Bubb whips it back & forth all crazy like he does LOL.  The head got separated from the body, via Bubbs malicious intent to kill the toy… and the giggle box became inoperable… but both pieces are still hangin’ in there!)
  2. Etta Says Rabbit Chew, Retail $3  (Bubb has had this in the past and like before, he enjoys this so much that he runs away with it, just in case someone attempts to take it away from him LOL.  He is so silly!)
  3. Primal Freeze Dried Beef Liver Munchies, Retail $5  (The insert card said the box was to include ‘Dogs Love Kale Sweet Potato & Kale’ at $9, but there was another card stating that there was an item substitute in my box this month.  I think the substitute worked out better, because sweet potato is not Bubbs favorite treat flavor… and he really liked the freeze dried beefy treats.)
  4. Butcher’s Block Bones 6″ Trachea, Retail $2  (Bubb loved this “Krunchie tube”!  It’s made from 100% quality beef from Omaha, Nebraska.)
  5. Safemade Green Sweater Bandana, Retail $10  (This is the first time I’ve received an article of clothing in a BarkBox.  I was so excited!  Even though he didn’t like wearing it… He looked so cute in it and I managed to get the really adorable picture below, to wish friends and family “Merry Christmas” from Bubba!)


$31 Total value and 5 items in this box.  I paid $19 with my 6-month subscription.  Bubba liked all of the treats which is always great!  I really love that each box has a theme… down to the paper packaging & this month’s Christmas theme did not disappoint! (incredibly adorable moose toy & reindeer print bandana!) Great value & Great fun for Bubb!

I give the December 2014 BarkBox 4 paws!

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