Nicky Hilton Fancy Box: December 2014 Review

image is known for their “Fancy Boxes” filled with surprise goodies… delivered right to your doorstep!  Best part?!… some of the subscription box options are curated by celebrities!! That means the items are hand-picked by the celebrity of your choice and each box promises to contain $80.00+ worth of goods.  I’ve subscribed to the Jennifer Love Hewitt & Coco Rocha boxes in prior months.  Other celeb boxes available, include Snoop Dogg, Kelly Rowland, and T-Pain to name a few. This month’s/ my 1st Nicky Hilton box contained the following:

  1. S.O.S. Shoemergency Kit by Solemates, Retail $20 on  (This was the perfect item for me… because I am a high heel aficionado!  I will put this kit to good use!!)
  2. OhhDeer “Galaxy in Watercolour” Pillow, Retail $42 on  (I love galaxy prints and it matches our bedroom perfectly!!  It’s so soft and cuddly… Another great item.)
  3. “Steep Up to the Plate” Teabag Rest, Retail $10 on  (This is just stupid.  A teabag rest?!?  Why would you need to rest it?  When I’m done steeping… I just thrown the bag in the trash!  Why dirty another dish?  I don’t get it.  I put this in a “secret santa” gift exchange at Christmas time LOL!!)

Three items total in this box, with a total value of $72.00.  I paid just under $50 including shipping.  I’m bummed that there were only 3 items in the box and the value was not $80+ as promised… but I really liked 2 of the 3 items.  Also, in previous box reviews from other subscribers, they mentioned Nicky includes a cat themed item almost every month… and I was looking forward to that, since I love cats so much… Sadly no cat themed items in this one.  Booo!  The info card that usually comes with each box, describing why the celebrity chose each item…was missing from the box… I didn’t realize how much I liked reading that and would miss it LOL.

I give this Fancy Box 3 paws.

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