Kyjen, Hide A Squirrel Squeak Dog Toy Review


I bought this on for only $7.79 for the large size… which was such a great deal, given that I’ve seen it for twice that in pet stores… AND it comes with 3 squirrels and a hideaway tree stump!!  I have amazon prime, so it shipped for free and arrived in only 2 days!  This toy promises three things:

  • Keeps pets occupied & eliminates boredom.
  • Challenges & develops problem solving skills.
  • Durable, reusable toy for long-lasting fun.

This did keep my Bubba occupied and he had a ton of fun with it… however I don’t think he ever suffers from boredom with his 9-month old kitten brother, Bentley… who keeps him entertained… and couple that with his mom & dad who smother him with tons of love!

It is a great interactive toy… Bubb figured out pretty quickly what this toy was all about… in only one round of him taking the squirrels out!  I put them back in and he would take them right back out!  It was SO adorable to watch him play with.

The last claim I’m having difficulty with.  After a few rounds of taking the squirrels out, he focused only on the tree stump, chewing it beyond the point of the squirrels every hiding in there again!  This was within hours of him playing with it.  I was really sad because I wanted to order other little critters that I could shove in the hideaway stump!  On another note… the 3 little squirrels have really hung in there and are small enough that Bubba & Bentley enjoy playing with those together!  As you can see in the photo below, from the giant smile on Bubb’s face,… he loved the toy and that is what matters to me… even if it didn’t hold up to my durability standards.

I give this product 4 paws!


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