MultiPet, Plush Musical Birthday Cake Dog Toy Review


I bought this plush musical birthday cake dog toy on for only $5.99 and because I have amazon prime… shipping was free & the item arrived in 2 days!  We gave this to Bubba on his first birthday… and he LOVED it!  It is 5.5″ and plays happy birthday music when squeezed.  Bubb was obsessed with this toy LOL… he would start the music with a bite of the toy and listen to it… then immediately bite it again to start it up… again and again and again.  We heard the “Happy Birthday” tune SO much… that we had to put it away!!  I would equate it to giving a child a drum set LOL.  The adorable cake toy is still in perfect condition, so I’ve stashed it away, in hopes to give it to him on his second birthday… and many beyond that, if possible!

I highly recommend this product for your spoiled pup, so I give it 4 paws!!

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