Mystery Fancy Box: February 2015 Review

image is known for their “Fancy Boxes” filled with surprise goodies… delivered right to your doorstep! There used to be subscription box options that were curated by celebrities, until sadly they cancelled that last month. They offered ONLY this new “Mystery” box for the same price and still promised it would contain $80.00+ worth of goods, so I signed up.  This month’s/ the first mystery box (and my last!!!) contained, the following CRAP:

  1. Gun Comb, Retail $9 on  (Not sure if this was a mistake or not… but I got TWO of these in my box.  This would have been great… if I hadn’t bought 2 for Christmas gifts last year… for the only two people I know, that would love this.)
  2. “Work Hard, Stay Humble” Vinyl Impression, Retail $20 on  (A phrase I already live by… and I don’t need a wall cling to remind me.  This is just stupid.  I’ll be listing it on ebay.)
  3. The Motley, Gin Tonic Bath Salts, Retail $14 on  (This is for men, …and my hubby doesn’t bathe in bathtubs very often… but I gave this to him, on the rare occasion that he does.  I’ll be sure to pick up a toy battleship to go with it LOL!)
  4. Benjo’s, Gimme Kiss Boot & Shoe Lacing, Retail $8 on  (I don’t wear oxfords, which is typically what these would be for.  Hopefully I can find a buyer on ebay.)

Five items in this box, with a total value of $60.00.  I paid just under $50 including shipping.  I was SO disappointed with this box, that I immediately cancelled the subscription.  Not only was the value not $80+ as promised… but 2 of the items were THE SAME THING… and the other items were complete crap!  Also, the info card that usually comes with each box, was once again missing.

The fancy box used to be something I would anxiously await… now I’d be embarrassed for someone to see it on my doorstep!  My last 2 boxes for January never arrived & I had to repeatedly email their customer service until I finally received my refunds yesterday!  I’m not sure what happened with this company, but it seemed to me like they had a good thing going… and then just threw it all away!

I give this Fancy Box 0 paws.  It was so bad… It’s not even worthy of 1 paw.

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