ThermaCare Menstrual Heat Wraps Review


For my male readers… you may want to skip this girly post LOL… unless your girlfriend or wife suffers from severe menstrual cramps!

I have been using these for years now… ever since I discovered their amazing pain relief power!  The past year or so they’ve been extremely hard to find in stores, so I buy these at, at $6.99 for a 3-pack box.  I have tried the store brand copy cats… and trust me… they cannot even compare to ThermaCare! (awesome rhyme, yay me!)  The store brands just don’t work, …period. (pun intended LOL)  My cramps in the first 24 hours of “Aunt Flo’s” arrival, are only bearable with a heat wrap coupled with Excedrin as directed.  The wraps can be worn for 8 hours, stay in place with a sticky back & are easily concealed with proper outfit selection!  I wouldn’t wear it with a dress… but who feels like wearing a dress that week anyways!

I give this product 4 paws!!

3 thoughts on “ThermaCare Menstrual Heat Wraps Review”

  1. I love ThermaCare for menstrual cramps! This was the one of the greatest inventions for us. Lol. Very convenient too. I always carry one in my purse during that time because I never know when those cramps might sneak up on me.

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