Bra Pong Game, Craft Project Review


My cousin is getting married next month, so I helped my aunt, plan a bridal shower for her.  Of course I went straight to Pinterest for ideas!  In search of a unique bridal party activity, I happened upon this “Bra Pong” game from another pinner… I immediately knew I wanted to create my own variation of this game, that would make for a Very memorable night that the bride-to-be would love!  For this craft project, I would need the following:

  • Red tri-fold project display board, $8 from Office Depot  (Different colors are available… I picked red because it’s one of the bride’s wedding colors.)
  • 6 bras in 4 different cup sizes and patterns, $24 from Wal-Mart  ($3.99 each…crazy cheap!  You want to select bras with push-up support… so they easily create a cup when glued to the board.  I cut the straps off of all the bras as well, to avoid having to secure them with glue as they are unnecessary to the look or game play.)
  • Orange Table Tennis Balls 6-pack, $5 from  (These are also available in other colors, but I selected orange because it’s another one of the bride’s wedding colors.)
  • Hot glue gun, 5 glue sticks, black paint, silver loose glitter and a black sharpie (I already had these items on hand).

A lot of hot glue is used in this project… almost a stick per bra!  I started by laying out the bras to determine placement… with the D cups at the bottom, C and B cups in the middle and the A cup at the very top.  This makes for a good point system with the highest points at the top due to difficulty from a smaller target.  Once I glued all the bras down I painted on the “Bra Pong” black lettering, adding silver glitter to the wet paint of “Bra” only. Then I wrote the point value numbers above each bra, using a black sharpie.  Last step,… I typed up the rules, secured them in a page protector and taped it to the right side of the display board!  (I left the bottom right side of the board blank… for all of the guests to sign and/or leave a note for the future Mrs.!)

Bra Pong Rules

I was so happy with the way the board turned out… and even more happy with the outcome of the game play & excitement over it at the bridal party!  We of course did a test run the night before, and discovered it wasn’t very easy to make the ball into the “cups” when sitting on a table top.  We moved it to the floor & found that it was slightly easier to score points from the angle of bouncing it off the ground, rather than a table top.

It only took me a couple of hours to create it and this game was such a hit… Seriously so much fun… so I highly recommend you make one for your next bash where a bra pong drinking game would be appropriate LOL!  I’m SO happy a fellow pinner invented this game!  I can definitely see myself making another one in the future… for the right event!

I give this craft project 4 paws!!

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