BarkBox January 2015 Review


Bubba’s January Bark Box of goodies arrived & he was so excited to find out what he got!

BarkBox promises to contain 4-6 dog treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products that are unique from anything they’ll ever send in later boxes.  They hold extremely high standards for all the edible items, sourcing only from USA, Canada, South America and New Zealand. Inside this month’s Winter themed BarkBox:

  1. Caru Real Pork Stew, Retail $6  (OMG Bubb loved this SO much!!  He gobbled it down so quickly!  He liked this so much, that we will likely order more.  It’s made from human-grade ingredients and the #1 ingredient is USDA inspected pork. It’s grain, gluten and GMO free, preservative free and developed with a PhD animal nutritionist!)
  2. Aussie Naturals Salmon Skins, Retail $8  (Made from 100% American salmon skins, the first instruction on the package is to make sure your pup has plenty of water to drink while enjoying this treat.  I gave Bubb one of these and he chewed on the end for about 5 minutes, barely finishing one of the skins… and immediately went and drank a bowl full of water!  He never touched that salmon skin again.  I threw the rest of the bag out.)
  3. Butcher’s Block Bones Trachea, Retail $2  (Bubb got one of these in last month’s box and he loved it!  So even though it was a duplicate item …I didn’t care because he loves these 100% quality beef treats from Omaha, Nebraska!)
  4. Bocce’s Bakery Chicken Cordon Bleu Treats, Retail $6  (These little mini bone shaped treats, made from 100% American-sourced chicken with turkey bacon and fresh cheese were a hit with my precious rottie!  I would definitely order more.)
  5. BarkMade Snowflake, Retail $11  (A snowflake in Florida?!… only in a BarkBox LOL!  This toy squeaks and crinkles… and sadly… is no match for Bubb’s fierce bite.  He broke this toy down within an hour. Although it made him happy before I took the remnants away…it’s Not a suitable toy for a large breed, aggressive chewing dog!)


$33 Total value and 5 items in this box.  I paid $19 with my 6-month subscription.  Bubba really liked all of the treats …except the super salty salmon skins.  Thanks to the BarkBox, I’ve discovered the Caru stew he loves so much… so I’m thankful for that.  However… another month with a toy unsuitable for aggressive chewers… I’d rather have 4 items, if I could get a more durable toy for my rottweiler!  Maybe the BarkBox needs 6 categories for subscriptions… and take into consideration size AND level of play!!

I give 2015’s first BarkBox 3 paws.

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