Revlon, Bold Lacquer by Grow Luscious, Mascara Review


I received this Bold Lacquer Revlon Mascara in “Blackest Black”, in a Style Box from, and they gave a retail value of $8.  I found it online at for $5 (if you want to brave that store LOL) and at drugstores for between $6 and $8.

The packaging claims this mascara will add length and volume to your lashes… and I beg to disagree!!  I think the brush design is bad, first of all.  The bristles seem to be too close together, so much so, that the mascara can’t even get to the bottoms of the bristles!  The Mascara clumps up in patches all over the brush… leading to a Very difficult application process!  I’ve been testing this periodically over the last few months… with the same result.  It takes several minutes to achieve an eyelash look I am satisfied with… (precious minutes in the morning I need to spend doing more productive tasks!)  Secondly, the “volume” must have been left out of my mascara tube LOL, because after many many coats… I can finally tell there is even mascara on my lashes!  My lashes are already fairly long,… but they have zero curl to them… so I test the limits of my eyelash curler every morning and rely on a good mascara to hold the curl and add the volume.  This mascara simply doesn’t do that for me.

I give this mascara 1 paw.

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