Painting With A Twist Review

I took my first class at Painting With A Twist in October 2011.  Since then, I have attended 19 classes!  I have so much artwork on my walls, that our house is starting to look like an art museum LOL.  If you have not heard of PWAT… it is the most amazing concept ever… and combines two of my favorite things… painting… and drinking LOL!! Ten things you should know about PWAT:

  1. The company motto is… “It’s FUN art, not fine art”!
  2. It’s Not your typical art class!
  3. You can bring your own drinks, beer, wine, etc… I opt for wine! (some locations even sell alcohol)
  4. They provide all the supplies you’ll need, even aprons… but “dress for mess”… just in case!
  5. Pricing is $35 for a 2-hour class and $45 for a 3-hour class.
  6. They have a frequent painter card… after 10 paid classes …you get one free!
  7. They offer private parties & family (alcohol-free) classes.
  8. PWAT has over 3,500 paintings to choose from, if you book a private party.
  9. Visit to find one of the 195 franchise locations nearest you, and check out their event calendar to see the specific paint classes being offered each day!
  10. You don’t need to be a professional artist… each class has an instructor that will walk you through the painting, step by step!

Here’s a collage of some of the pieces I’ve painted at PWAT… that are adorning my walls right now!

PWAT collage

I’ve attended classes with friends, classes with co-workers, private birthday parties and I’ve even gone to classes by myself!  Each time it is SO much fun!  The energy and excitement is contagious… and it’s so amazing to see the end result of everyone’s paintings… all slightly different… and reflecting each person’s creativity.  You can deviate from the instruction and switch up the color scheme or add/ change a detail of your own… the instructor is only there to instruct & help with techniques… not crack a whip LOL.  I love PWAT and will likely need to build on a second floor to my house in order to create more wall space for all the artwork in my future LOL!

I give Painting With A Twist 4 paws!!

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