Güd, from Burt’s Bees, Natural Body Wash “Mango Moonbreeze” Review


One of my fave brands, Burt’s Bees, … which doesn’t test it’s products on animals… EVER did not let me down!  Their new line, appropriately called Güd (because it IS good!), is fantastic!  I bought this 10 fl oz bottle for $6.99 from DrugStore.com.  The complete natural body wash line at GudHappens.com, priced at $7 each, is available in 6 unique & cleverly named scents:

  • Floral Cherrynova
  • Mango Moonbreeze (I can attest to this ones awesomeness!)
  • Orange Petalooza
  • Pearanormal Activity (This will likely be the next scent I try… I hope it’s as great as its name!)
  • Red Ruby Groovy
  • Vanilla Flame

I look for three things in my body wash…

  1. An amazing scent that stimulates my sense of smell
  2. Serious foaming action
  3. A fresh finish that leaves me feeling silky clean

This body wash meets all of my criteria, so I will definitely be picking up some of the other scents to give those a try! The product line’s signature scents are also available in body lotion, body butter, cleansing wipes and hand creams!!

I give this product 4 paws!

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