Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza Review


Ohhhh Myyyy Goshhhh.  Bacon lovers rejoice!  This pizza is so incredibly delicious!!… but I guess it’s not that impossible to believe… it is bacon after all that I’m talking about LOL.  For $12 you get two 4-corner deep dish pepperoni and bacon pizzas …with a crispy crust… (wait for it).WRAPPED IN 3-1/2 FEET OF BACON!

I have always been a Hungry Howie’s pizza lover… their pepperoni with the butter cheese crust… YUM!  But when I saw the commercial for this mind-blowing concoction… I had to try it ASAP!  Their deep dish pizza already rivals Pizza Hut’s ..which I also love… adding the bacon just took it to a whole different level.  Little Caesar should high-five the genius that suggested that!  It’s not thick-cut bacon, which I’m happy about, …it’s thinly sliced and the PERFECT amount of bacon, which you get in almost every bite… thanks to their genius square design!  It’s hard to believe it’s taken until 2015 for this to be created… but I’m certainly glad that it’s debuting now… Better late than never!

I give this bacon wrapped Deep! Deep! dish pizza 4 paws!!

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