Gwen Stefani for OPI “Unfrost My Heart” Nail Effects Trio Review


I happened upon this Gwen Stefani for OPI Nail Effects Trio while perusing the beauty section at T.J. Maxx.  I bought it for $9.99…. which is a great deal, considering OPI polishes are $9.50 – $12.50 each when bought at stores like Ulta or Macy’s.  The trio comes with the following polishes:

  • Unfrost My Heart
  • I’ll Tinsel You In
  • So Elegant

The back of the packaging gives a few design ideas incorporating the polish trio:


I decided to do a variation of the center design idea… but making it more dramatic with a thick layer of “So Elegant” down the center.  I started with OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, then 2 coats of “Unfrost My Heart”.  It looks pretty great on it’s own too!  It’s got a textured matte look that I haven’t seen before in a metallic polish…


When I first started to apply the “So Elegant” glitter polish, I thought it was going to be very difficult to position the hexagon glitter pieces in an appealing way down the center… but it got surprisingly easier and took me only 10 minutes to complete!  That bottle is seriously loaded up with glitter!!  I secured the design with OPI Top Coat.  I wasn’t sure if my photos captured the glittertastic final result as I saw it in person, so I included 2 photos below.



I really love the way this nail design came out!  I haven’t used traditional nail polish on my finger nails since I started using nail polish strips and gel polish… so this has convinced me to incorporate traditional nail polish into my manicures more often!  The design lasted 4 days without any chipping… and I type at work all day!  Even though day 5 left me with some chipped polish, it’s not easily noticeable… so I will probably rock this nail look a couple more days LOL.  I didn’t get to use the “I’ll Tinsel You in” polish on this design, but I’m excited to create a look with it for my next mani!

I give this nail effects trio 4 paws!

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