Gem La La Spring 2015 Tote Set Review


My spring tote set from Gem La La has finally arrived!  Gem La La is an affiliate of t+j designs.  I discovered t+j designs from a necklace of the brand, that I received in a Style Box.  A 10% off coupon was also in the Style Box and I bought 4 necklaces from their website: …and I loved them all.  So naturally when I received the email that they started the jewelry tote business Gem La La… I signed right up!  I paid $119.99 for the 4 tote plan and saved 30% in doing so.  Now every 3 months/ Season, I will receive 5 – 6 pieces of jewelry and accessories in an exclusively designed reusable tote.  Here’s what was inside my first Gem La La package:

  • 3 pairs of earrings  (I only like the double pearl pair… and even so, I wish I got the pave` ones)
  • 1 bracelet  (this bracelet seems like something is missing on the ends… like cones or spikes. I really don’t like this bracelet… at all.)
  • 3 statement necklaces  (I only like the one on the far right with the rectangular gems… the other two are hideous to me… nothing I would ever wear!)
  • “Ooh La La” Tote  (mine came with a giant stain on it… Ewwww!)


This tote set cost me $30 and Gem La La claims you will get $200 worth of jewelry.  I don’t think this even comes close to being worth $200.  I’m not crazy about any of the pieces… I could live without all of them and will likely resell most of them on ebay.  As for my stained tote… what a gross disappointment for my first set.  They also emailed a teaser, that a pair of crystal winged earrings would be in the Spring Tote… I really wanted those and wish they’d kept their word on that.  There are so many pieces of jewelry on t+j designs’ website that I love, which I haven’t bought, …in hopes that some would end up in my spring tote set.  Sadly I was wrong… very wrong.  I’m hoping the Summer tote delivers pieces that are more my style!

I give this Gem La La tote set 1 paw.

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