L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara Review


This new L’Oreal mascara, “Voluminous Miss Manga”, has a 360 degree flex brush designed to give the ultimate open-eye look that was made famous in the Japanese comics known as Manga.

The model in the L’Oreal magazine ads for this mascara, is adorable with her wide-eyed gorgeous lashes… however mine did not turn out that way… not even close!  I purchased this mascara, in “Blackest Black”, at CVS for $7.99 and have been testing it over the past month.  I didn’t care for the flex brush because it made it harder for me to control the brush pressure against my lashes and form them the way I wanted.  I have naturally long lashes, but they have zero curl.  I would apply it several times, attempting to achieve the “Manga” look… I even used an eyelash brush because the result was less than desirable… and every time the outcome was the same.  It clumped my lashes together & created big gaps between the clumps  … I was unable to achieve the voluminous effect.  I will not be purchasing this L’Oreal mascara again.

I give this product 1 paw.

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