Darby Smart To DIY For February 2015 Box Review


My first Darby Smart “To DIY For” monthly kit arrived! YAY!!  I signed up for the 3-month subscription and paid only $28 total for it because there was a promotion of 1-month free!  That is under $10 per monthly DIY kit… such an amazing deal! Regular pricing is $19 per month, $114 for 6 months or $199 for 1 year.  If you love to craft and create… I highly suggest you visit DarbySmart.com.  This month’s project was “Decorative  Monogram Ring Dishes” and included the following:

  • 2 circular porcelain dishes
  • Reusable adhesive alphabet stencil
  • Reusable adhesive berries design stencil
  • 2 folk art enamel paints (I got dark green & yellow)
  • Foam brush
  • Pop Bar, hot chocolate on a stick (Not part of the project, just a surprise treat meant to be enjoyed while I craft.)

I wasn’t crazy about the colors I received in my kit, so I purchased a few others of the same kind at my favorite craft store, Michaels.  I also wanted to turn my ring dishes into “critter dishes”… because I’ve been wanting to make some ever since I saw those online… so I added a plastic dinosaur & panda bear to my materials, 2 rhinestone accessories they will wear and E6000 adhesive!


I used the alphabet stencils to paint on “Rawr” and “Pandamonium”, which was easy based on the online instructions.  Each kit usually includes a card with a code word you enter to get project instructions online at darbysmart.com/howto …but mine was not included so I emailed them and they promptly replied with the code info I needed.  I decided I wanted to add a spiral water-like design to my “Rawr” dish, so I used a paint brush I had on hand to create that.  The instructions said to wait 3 minutes before layering on the next design… I waited about 30 minutes, and when I used the berry stencils for the center of my “Pandamonium” dish, sadly some of the lime green letter paint peeled off when removing the berry stencils.  I was able to easily fix the damage so it didn’t bother me much.

As instructed, I put both on a baking sheet, set the oven to 300 degrees and baked them for 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, I turned the oven off and let them cool off in the oven for the next hour.  I then removed them and they sat overnight.


I attached the critters to the dishes and attached the rhinestone accessories to the critters using the E6000 adhesive and let them set for a couple hours.  Here is the final result:



OMG I just loved making these and I’m so happy with the results!!  Although I had to add a few more items to the kit to create what I wanted… I still love what I received from Darby Smart because it finally gave me the push I needed to create these critter dishes I’ve been longing to make!

I give this DIY box 4 paws!

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