Key West Aloe, Aloethera Intensive Hand Lotion Review


I bought this for $15.00 during a sale of Key West Aloe products last June, on  The same 12-oz bottle goes for $32 in  Aloethera KWA products are made with 100% Lab-Certified Aloe as their foundation! This product contains 52% aloe.

My hands get pretty dry if I don’t keep them moisturized and I am very picky with my hand lotions!  I was drawn to this one due to the high content of aloe… so many aloe products out there have very little actual aloe in them …if you read the label closely.  I have been using this on my hands for 8 months now and it has become one of my favorite hand moisturizers!  It keeps my hands from being dry, absorbs into my skin perfectly and has a great fresh aloe scent to it as well.  I would absolutely buy this again & probably will when my supply runs low!

I give this product 4 (intensely moisturized) paws! LOL

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