Revlon “Jungle Gem” Nail Art Style Strips Review


To ensure I didn’t get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day LOL… I decided I would rock these super awesome, sparkly green leopard & black Revlon Nail Art Style Strips that I’ve had stashed away for probably close to a year!  I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to wear these “Jungle Gem” strips, since I only had the one set!  I purchased them at CVS and I’m so sad that I didn’t stock up… because I love them and cannot find them in stores anymore!  They are not even on Revlon’s website!!  I did some research and only found them being sold by various sellers on ebay for around $5 each.

They are so easy to apply and look great on… not even a top coat is needed!  These are made of actual polish… you can smell that evidence once you open the sealed package!  You will need to use them immediately after opening the sealed strips, as air will cause them to dry out!  Kit includes: 16 strips in various sizes, a nail file and wooden cuticle stick.

  • Prep nails for application: swipe them with polish remover & gently push back cuticles.
  • Select the strips that best fit your nails.
  • There is a clear plastic cover on each strip you need to peel away, then remove the backing of the strip.
  • Position the strip onto your fingernail, press & stretch for a smooth, snug fit!
  • Crease strip at nail edge and file off the excess so that only your nail is covered & there is no overhang.

I found it best to not file your nails during the beginning prep, per the instruction, but rather wait an hour after application for them to set… and then trim your fingernails with clippers.  This way the strips have nice perfect lines on the tips!  Here is the spectacular final result:


Of course I accessorized with alligator & frog rings to keep up the green theme!  There were several other designs Revlon created in this collection, one that I am going to buy for sure on ebay is an adorable red lipstick print called “Lips & Tips”!!  I am going to send my rave review to Revlon and hope that another collection of Style Strips is on the way!

I give this product 4 stylishly nailed paws!!

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