Jolly Pets Teaser Ball, Dog Toy Review


I purchased the Jolly Pets Teaser Ball dog toy from for $10.  This ball within a 4.5″ ball is very durable & my Rottweiler Bubba loves it! It kept him very busy trying to get to that green center ball… Instead of rolling it around and playing with it, he focused his energy trying to chew through the polyethylene outer blue ball.  He was not successful, but there are quite a few bite marks & chewed edges.  I wanted the Teaser Ball to last, so I decided it was best to make this an outdoor toy. Now we play fetch with it and he loves playing “keep away”.  Bubb is always so protective of his new toys LOL… as you can see below!


I highly recommend this toy for even the most aggressive of chewers.  The teaser balls are available in multiple sizes, in a variety of colors!

I give this dog toy 4 paws!

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