GNC Energy Formula Herbal Supplement Review


I have been taking this GNC Energy Formula Herbal Supplement for over 2 years now & I absolutely LOVE it!  My life is busy and stressful at times… so I get tired throughout the day, even with just thinking about everything I need to get done! In my twenties I used to drink Red Bull (I still do on occasion) for that jolt of energy and motivation I needed to get me through the day.  In my thirties, I realized all of the sugar and calories …among other things in energy drinks… is just not good for our bodies.  On a mission to find an all-natural supplement that worked just as well or better, I tried various Green Tea and Guarana supplements …and eventually found this amazing GNC Energy Formula!  Others I tried were weak and I found didn’t give me much energy.  This blend however, gives me a healthy energy & mental alertness to keep going & push through my daily grind.  The ingredients/ supplement facts are listed below in a photo from the actual bottle label.image

The directions state that you can take 1 to 2 capsules daily, but I usually only take 1 daily, …around lunch time.  I have previously purchased this supplement at, but oddly enough they no longer sell this specific item in stores or online.  I did find the same exact product with a new label at for $12.82 with the GNC gold card, per 100 capsule bottle, … so I stocked up just in case!

I give this product an energetic 4 paws!!

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