Kardashian Beauty, Stroke of Midnight Mascara Review


I bought this Kardashian Beauty “Stroke of Midnight” mascara (love the clever name!) in #402 Ultimate Black for $9.99 at CVS.com.  I used a coupon I received for “30% off total online purchase at CVS.com”, which dropped the price to only $7.  I purchased a different Kardashian Beauty mascara in a CVS store about a year ago and loved it, …but sadly I can’t find that specific one in stores or anywhere online.

This is a pretty great “every day” mascara.  It doesn’t give a va va voom voluptuous look of falsies, but it does create a stellar voluminous natural look.  The brush is designed fabulously because the mascara doesn’t clump at all …and it separates my lashes perfectly so that it looks like I have twice as many!  I would absolutely buy this mascara again… and I may buy it quickly so that it doesn’t disappear forever like the other one!

I give this product 4 paws!

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