Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Smoothing Daily Cleanser Review


I purchased this Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh smoothing daily cleanser from my second home… Target (LOL), on sale for $4.98 (regularly $9.99).  This was my first “Yes To” skin care purchase and trial.  I probably shouldn’t have picked an item with “New & Improved” on the packaging… because the product was obviously not that great to begin with.

After more than a month of using this cleanser, it’s safe to say that whatever was “improved”… was not enough!  Being that it is “formulated with coconut + blueberries for a gentle cleanse”, I assumed it would have a fruity tropical scent… but it doesn’t.  There is a faint hint of orange, but it’s masked by an unpleasant scent, reminiscent of the freebie mini lotion you’d find in a basic hotel room.  My skin is not sensitive or prone to acne, so I prefer an exfoliant, which this is not… but I knew that when I purchased it.  This paraben-free cleanser didn’t appear to do very much, if anything, for my skin… and I certainly think the “Age refresh” claim is a bit of a stretch!!   I’ll just stick to drinking red wine for a dose of anti-oxidant rich fruits, to help fight the signs of aging LOL!

Since my facial cleanser has the shortest amount of time to do it’s job, I feel it’s important to get one that packs a punch & contains the right mix of ingredients to slough away dead skin cells and dirt… quickly!  This one simply doesn’t do it for me.

I give this product 1 paw.

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