Duff Goldman, Chocolate Mint Premium Cookie Mix Review


I bought my first Duff Goldman boxed dessert kit, …the chocolate mint premium cookie mix.  It was $3.99 at Target and I’ve had it for a couple of months, but just got around to baking them on this lazy Sunday. There are quite a few at-home dessert kits available now, to bring Duff’s delectable concoctions into your home …and belly!

In addition to the included cookie mix & bag of mint chips, the only other ingredients you’ll need are refrigerator staples… 1/3 cup of butter and 2 eggs.  I followed the simple box instructions and in no time I was sampling my first cookie!


They are SO fantastic… the love child of a brownie and thin mint girl scout cookie!!  Taste test also approved by my hubby… who ate several back-to-back… as I celebrated my awesome baking skills, …As If the recipe was mine and I didn’t just mix some ingredients together & follow instruction LOL!

The box says the mix makes about 3 dozen cookies,… I think I made my dough balls a little too big, because I only got 29 cookies out of it and I had to bake them for 13 minutes, …2 minutes longer than the 9 to 11 minute box instruction.  I like my cookies gooey and soft, and they were just that… perfectly… after 13 minutes!  I’m so excited to share these with my parents, when I bring some to dinner tomorrow night… especially since they didn’t get to order thin mints this year from their regular girl scout hook-up due to being out of town.  I would absolutely buy this again, …they are super easy to make & ideal for sharing!

I give this product 4 paws!!

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