Darby Smart To DIY For April 2015 Box Review


My 3rd Darby Smart “To DIY For” monthly kit arrived! YAY!!  I signed up for the 3-month subscription and paid only $28 total for it because there was a promotion of 1-month free!  That is under $10 per monthly DIY kit… such an amazing deal! Regular pricing is $19 per month, $114 for 6 months or $199 for 1 year.  If you love to craft and create… I highly suggest you visit DarbySmart.com.  This month’s project was “Create Your Own Perfume” and included the following:

  • 2 perfume glass bottles
  • Perfume plastic dropper
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Cucumber melon scent
  • Geranium scent
  • Lavender scent

I held onto this project for a few weeks, so that my mom and I could make this together on Mother’s Day.  I thought it would be a fun/ unique idea… and it was!  It was a very simple craft, given that we only had 3 scents to work with.  I wish now that I had purchased a few extra scents, bottles and more grapeseed oil, so that we could have really had some fun with it and experimented!

One setback,… It was very hard to control the cucumber melon & lavender “drop” recommendations into the perfume bottles, since we were unable to use the dropper with those types of bottles.  The first bottle we made was predominantly cucumber melon with notes of geranium and lavender… it came out OK… so we added a bunch more cucumber melon and it smelled better.  We both preferred the cucumber melon fruity scent over the others, so we decided to make the 2nd one, my moms, using only the cucumber melon.  We liked it!… It’s a nice, light, fresh scented oil perfume.


Although I wish we had more options, as I stated earlier… we still had fun and it was a perfect mother/ daughter craft that neither of us had attempted until now!  I used nail polish to paint a floral design on my mom’s bottle.

Now whenever we spritz ourselves with our scented oil creations… we’ll be reminded of this marvelous Mother’s Day!  Make a note to try this out with your mom for Mother’s Day next year… but order lots of scents and extra supplies!

I give this DIY box 3 paws.

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