Hyper Pet Gnarly Gnaws Duck Dog Toy Review


I’m always on the lookout for durable dog toys for my precious Bubba!  He is SO spoiled… It’s very difficult to find toys that are not only able to withstand his crazy strong bite… but also brand new toys I’ve never bought him before LOL.  My most recent trip to Marshalls was a complete success in the dog toy department… I bought 7 toys in total!!  This one was only $4 …a great deal, compared to the $10 price tag I found for the same thing online.

I like to keep new toys stashed away in his mini 2-drawer dresser, so I’m able to surprise him with a new toy when he’s destroyed an old one… or been extra good!  Just seeing his face light up when I go to that drawer is so priceless …he gets all excited and tries to shove his face in and snoop around… it’s incredibly adorable!


This Hyper Pet duck is a “plush interactive squeak toy made of multitexture high performance materials”, with “edge binding for durability”.


Although Bubb punctured the multitexture material and edge binding in just under 48 hours… that’s not too bad for a $4 toy!  I’ve seen him do a lot worse to $10 – $20 toys in half the time!!


This little ducky had medium durability for my Rotty, but it made him super smiley nonetheless.

I give this dog toy 3 paws!

2 thoughts on “Hyper Pet Gnarly Gnaws Duck Dog Toy Review”

  1. It is always hard to find a durable toy. It is always good to find one that will last longer than 48 hours.

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