Chase ‘n Chomp Play-It Rattlin’ Shakin’ Natural Rubber Ball, Dog Toy Review


Dog toy #3 of 7, from my recent trip to Marshalls is sadly not as durable as I assumed it would be.  I paid $4 for this Chase ‘n Chomp Rattlin’ Shakin’ Ball …which is the exact pricing I found online from other stores, for the same product.  My 75-lb. rottweiler, Bubba, only got to play with this toy for about 10 minutes before I had to take it away.


Bubb concentrated more on the “chomp” aspect of this toy,… rather than the “chase”.  Like most dogs, he is fascinated with toys that make noise… so the rattling sound inspired him to focus all of his energy on chewing his way to the center of the ball, in order to get to the source of the rattling LOL.


This “sturdy” rubber ball dog toy has zero durability for my heavy chewer Rotty and although it’s made of “all natural” rubber,… I still don’t want Bubb to ingest any of it… which is what was about to go down… had I not taken the toy away!  He had chewed off a few chunks of the so-called “sturdy” rubber in under 10 minutes.

I give this dog toy 1 paw.

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