Caitec Play-It Ribcage with Ball, Dog Toy Review


Dog toy #4 of 7, from my recent trip to Marshalls is another Caitec brand toy… not as durable as I assumed it would be.  I paid $4 for this Play-It Ribcage with Ball dog toy …which is more than 50% savings from the $10-$12 price tag I found online from other stores, for the same exact product.  My 75-lb. rottweiler, Bubba, only got to play with this toy for about 10 minutes before I had to take it away.


Although this is an innovative pet product, it’s not made of high quality material for a heavy-chewer dog, like my rottweiler Bubba. The ribcage is 4″ and the ball is 2.5″, so it was way too easy for Bubb to get the ball out of the ribcage.  To keep him engaged in the toy, I put a standard sized tennis ball in the ribcage… which was much more efficient… however, it caused Bubb to chew through the ribcage to release the tennis ball, since it was a tighter fit.


Although the included foam ball was intended to hold treats, it still didn’t hold the attention of Bubb because it easily fell out of the ribcage due to it’s size.  I thought a tennis ball would be the solution, but he chewed off a few chunks of the ribcage rubber in under 10 minutes, so I had to take this toy away.

I give this dog toy 1 paw.

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