Best Pet Supplies, Inc. Squeaky Dental Health Dog Toy Review


Dog toy #5 of 7, from my recent trip to Marshalls is so far one of the top two from the haul!  I gave this to my 75-lb. rottweiler, Bubba, over a week ago & it impressively is 100% intact after hours and hours of play.  Made by Best Supplies, Inc… I paid $4 for this squeaky TPR dog toy that not only supports dental health… but also surprisingly smells of vanilla!  I was able to find similar items online, and Bubb even has a few of these spiky ball varieties already, but I couldn’t find this exact toy anywhere.


This dental ball with a critter face on it, is squeezable and creates a super high-pitched squeak noise.  So high-pitched, that this toy should come with ear plugs LOL!   Made of non-toxic safe materials, this toy is perfect for a heavy-chewer dog that loves to play fetch!


OMG just look at the adorable smile on his precious face …he is such a happy pup!

I give this dog toy 4 paws!!

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