Darby Smart To DIY For May 2015 Box Review


My 4th Darby Smart “To DIY For” monthly kit arrived! YAY!!  This month’s project was “DIY Photo Transfer Album” and included the following:

  • Wooden “album”, 2 wood pieces with pre-cut holes
  • 4 photo transfer images
  • Mod Podge – photo transfer
  • Foam brush
  • Leather cord

I wanted to do something a little bit different with my kit, so I also used the wood burning creativity set that I recently purchased from DarbySmart.com for another project.


I love that this kit was a Father’s Day craft to give to my wonderful Daddy… Yes,… I’m 34 and still call him Daddy LOL!

On occasion, I am a procrastinator… and this project was no exception… but in my defense… some of my best work happens at the last minute LOL!  Upon reading the online instructions …on Father’s Day… I discovered that the photo transfer portion of the project needed to dry for at least 48 hours …  sadly I did not have 48 hours.  I had intended to put the “Happy Father’s Day!” image on the front and the dandelion field on the back, and the inside would contain my wood burned message.  The process appeared to be easy,… I just simply didn’t have the 48 hours of dry time, so I had to proceed without the image transfers.

I wrote my message with the wood burning tool, which heated up after a few minutes and only 2 burns to my fingers LOL. With 4 options to choose from, I used the calligraphy tip, which took my handwriting all the way back to kindergarten haaha.  At first I was frustrated with how it looked like a 5 year old wrote it… but then it grew on me and seemed endearing.  I tied the cords on the side and secured my wood burned creation to the top of his gift with a bow.


I was happy with the final result and Daddy liked his creative card. Next up… we are going to use the burning tool to add designs to some wooden kitchen utensils for each other!

I pay just $19 per month, but there are 6 month and 12 month options available as well.  If you love to craft and create… I highly suggest you visit DarbySmart.com and shop and/or sign up!

I give this Darby Smart project 4 paws!

PopSugar Must Have June 2015 Box Review


This is my 3rd PopSugar Must Have box and review.  This is “a monthly delivery of fabulous surprises, curated by POPSUGAR Editor in Chief Lisa Sugar”.  The June 2015 Box contained the following:

  1. Quay Australia Mandate Sunglasses, Sugg. Retail $45  (Aviators are my go-to sunglasses style… but these look pretty good on, so I think I’ll add these to my collection!)
  2. Judy Blume’s “In the Unlikely Event” Book, Sugg. Retail $28  (I don’t typically read fiction… I get my fantasy fix from movies! Upon reading the brief summary… I think my mom would love this book!  Her birthday is coming up, so it’s perfect timing!)
  3. Pacifica Englighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette, Sugg. Retail $14  (This palette claims to be crease-free and is infused with coconut water.  I will test this product out and post my review soon!)
  4. Yogitoes Peacock hBand, Sugg. Retail $4  (I don’t wear headbands often, so I will probably only use this to keep my hair back during face mask applications.)
  5. Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer, Sugg. Retail $16  (O.M.G. the papaya scent from this body wash buffer smells SO delicious… I mean… holy cow, it’s freakin’ amazing!!  I can’t wait to test this out and let you all know what I think!)
  6. Snap Infusion Super Candy, Sugg. Retail $4  (These gummies packed with vitamin B, antioxidants and electrolytes and are SO tasty!)
  7. Sweet & Spark $30 Gift Card  (This was a “special extra” in the box.  I checked out this vintage jewelry website and didn’t find anything I liked in a price range I’d spend… Even with the $30 gift card!  Most pieces are within the $75 – $125 price point.  Good news… it never expires, so I’ll check back later!)

$141 Total value, including the gift card extra.  I paid $112.19 for a 3-month subscription, which includes free shipping & $5 off, using coupon code: REFER5. That is just $37.40 per box!!  1-month and 6-month purchase options are also available.  I am going to purchase another 3-month subscription, in hopes that I’ll discover more new brands and products at a great price!  Although I haven’t used it yet, my favorite item in this months box is the Spongelle body wash buffer.

If you want to give it a try, you can sign up here: http://popsu.gr/vrbQ

I give this box 3 paws.

Gem La La Summer 2015 Tote Set Review


My summer tote set from Gem La La has arrived!  Did this months tote impress?… Or was it a sad disappointment like the spring tote?  A new tote ships every 3 months/ Season, and contains 5 – 6 pieces of jewelry and accessories in an exclusively designed reusable tote. Here’s what was inside my 2nd Gem La La package:

  1. Tote Bag, “Dream Big, Sparkle More, Shine Bright”  (Printed with a sentiment I try to live by… I will definitely tote things around in this!)
  2. Red Enamel and Gold Tone Pennant Necklace  (This necklace isn’t horrible… I just don’t like it & will be listing it on ebay.)
  3. Geometric Hot Pink Statement Necklace  (This necklace is SO gaudy!!  I like the ribbon closure, but hate what’s attached to it.)
  4. Black & Gold Earrings  (These are too big to be stud earrings… not a fan.)
  5. Twisted Gold Tone Cuff Bracelet  (OMG… this is by far the cheapest piece in the set!  The crystal looking pieces, are actually beads meant to be strung… so you can see the holes on the beads!  So tacky!)
  6. Silver & Rhinestone Chain Link Necklace  (I like this necklace… It’s very versatile and timeless… perfectly matches my style.)
  7. Gold Link Druzy Bracelet  (My favorite piece in the tote!!  I’m loving the druzy trend and will definitely be rocking this!)


I paid $119.99 for the 4 tote plan, saving me 30%, so this tote set cost me $30.  Gem La La claims you will get $200 worth of jewelry… but I don’t think this even comes close to being worth $200.  Since I only adore 2 of the 6 pieces, I’m still not a huge fan of this subscription… but… they have two more seasons to change my mind!

I give this Gem La La tote set 2 paws.

BarkBox May 2015 Review


BarkBox promises to contain 4-6 dog treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products that are unique from anything they’ll ever send in later boxes.  They hold extremely high standards for all the edible items, sourcing only from USA, Canada, South America and New Zealand. Inside this month’s “Garden Pawty” themed BarkBox:

  1. Healthy Dogma Whitefish Barkers, Retail $8  (Bubba did NOT like these!  He started to eat it, but promptly spit it all back up and wouldn’t touch it again.)
  2. Butcher’s Block Trachea, Retail $2  (This is always a win with Bubb.  He’s had them before from the BarkBox and I’ve re-purchased them because he loves ’em so much!)
  3. Nootie No Grainers Jerky Hickory Bacon, Retail $12  (Bubb eats these, but I can tell they aren’t his favorite, because it takes a while for him to eat one.  He doesn’t typically like bacon flavored treats… and that’s probably because we spoil him with bites of real bacon, when we have it!)
  4. R2P Bumblebee Silly Bum, Retail $7  (This bottom half/ bum of a bumblebee is actually a cute dog toy & lasted a few days before Bubb finally broke through to the stuffing. On a durability scale of 1 to 10, 10 being super durable, this toy was a 4 for my Rotty.)
  5. P.L.A.Y., Inc. Large Butterfly, Retail $15  (I thought for sure that this butterfly toy would last 24 hours or less, but it’s proven to be quite durable!  It’s been just over a week since we’ve given it to him and for the most part it’s still intact. He did chew one corner and we had to take the squeaker out on day 5… but it’s impressively held up great & is still safe for him to play with!)


As BarkBox promised, this bumblebee bum toy buzzed its way right into Bubba’s heart!



I knew the butterfly became a favorite when Bubb adorably cuddled it during a nap.  OMG he is just SO cute!!


$44 Total value and 5 items in this box.  I paid $19 with my 6-month subscription.  I love this month’s “garden pawty” theme …BarkBox always comes up with the cutest phrases on the info card… this month:  “No mixing tea time with pee time” LOL!  Even though Bubba only liked 1 of the 3 treats, the value of what he did like was still more than what I paid …and the smiles on his face are worth every penny!

I give the May 2015 BarkBox 4 paws.