Gem La La Summer 2015 Tote Set Review


My summer tote set from Gem La La has arrived!  Did this months tote impress?… Or was it a sad disappointment like the spring tote?  A new tote ships every 3 months/ Season, and contains 5 – 6 pieces of jewelry and accessories in an exclusively designed reusable tote. Here’s what was inside my 2nd Gem La La package:

  1. Tote Bag, “Dream Big, Sparkle More, Shine Bright”  (Printed with a sentiment I try to live by… I will definitely tote things around in this!)
  2. Red Enamel and Gold Tone Pennant Necklace  (This necklace isn’t horrible… I just don’t like it & will be listing it on ebay.)
  3. Geometric Hot Pink Statement Necklace  (This necklace is SO gaudy!!  I like the ribbon closure, but hate what’s attached to it.)
  4. Black & Gold Earrings  (These are too big to be stud earrings… not a fan.)
  5. Twisted Gold Tone Cuff Bracelet  (OMG… this is by far the cheapest piece in the set!  The crystal looking pieces, are actually beads meant to be strung… so you can see the holes on the beads!  So tacky!)
  6. Silver & Rhinestone Chain Link Necklace  (I like this necklace… It’s very versatile and timeless… perfectly matches my style.)
  7. Gold Link Druzy Bracelet  (My favorite piece in the tote!!  I’m loving the druzy trend and will definitely be rocking this!)


I paid $119.99 for the 4 tote plan, saving me 30%, so this tote set cost me $30.  Gem La La claims you will get $200 worth of jewelry… but I don’t think this even comes close to being worth $200.  Since I only adore 2 of the 6 pieces, I’m still not a huge fan of this subscription… but… they have two more seasons to change my mind!

I give this Gem La La tote set 2 paws.

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