Olay Fresh Outlast, Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash Review


The delicious aroma of this body wash brings back all my childhood memories of strawberry picking with my family every Spring, …eating every other strawberry I picked, (not how it’s supposed to work LOL)!  Unleashing this cooling white strawberry & mint body wash in your shower, is as fragrant as sipping a yummy strawberry daiquiri …If only drinking in the shower was an acceptable, practical task!  Soooo, since it’s not LOL… this is the next best thing!  I picked this up at my local CVS for $7.29.

“Olay Fresh Outlast body wash is designed to work with your skin’s natural pH, so that with continued use, you get vibrant, fresh skin all day.”

After use, I am left with a refreshed feeling that outlasts my day.  At 700 ml/ 23.6 oz, …this bad boy will likely outlast 2015! LOL!!  I would definitely buy this product again… and if you’ve never been strawberry picking… you should absolutely rally up friends & family and make plans for next spring!

I give this product 4 paws!

Bounce-Off, Game Review



This is the perfect tournament style drinking game!  I purchased it from Target for $11.99.

When the packaging includes a seal that says: “Winner of absolutely no awards, but who cares?” …I figured it must be good LOL!

It says 2-4 players for ages 7+ …BUT, as a 36 year old who is an avid fan of drinking games… I think this game would be best enjoyed one on one, with the winner playing the next opponent and so on!  We made it a drinking game by taking a swig/ sip for every time the ball did not make it onto the playing board… which was SO often, that drinking full shots was not an option… or passing out on the floor would be LOL!!

I highly recommend you try this out at your next game night...a great alternative to beer pong… where drinking dirty ping pong ball contaminated beer is not included!

I give this game 4 paws!

Xo,G Giuliana 4 Premium Wine Glasses Review


I saw an ad for this wine in a fashion magazine and immediately thought it was a neat concept.  Four lightweight, shatterproof, pre-filled glasses of wine, stacked for under $10.  I was disappointed that I had to go to Walmart to get it… because I’m a Target girl all the way LOL!  I would have loved to try the Moscato and get the 4-pack of Pinot Noir, but the only option at Walmart was the mix pack pictured.  A Rosé 4-pack is also available, according to the website (that you can’t order from) xogwine.com.  It is however available from 3 online stores, listed under the “BUY XOG” tab.

Cabernet and Pinot Noir are my two favorite types of wine and I prefer medium and full-bodied wines.  The Xo,G Pinot Noir is very good… I wasn’t crazy about the Pinot Grigio… but I don’t typically like that type of wine in any brand.

I won’t be getting this mix pack again, but I would absolutely buy the 4-pack of Pinot Noir!  It is the perfect portable wine for a picnic or sunset viewing… NO corkscrew & glass needed!  Generally I don’t have a problem finishing a bottle of wine in 2 days by myself LOL… so the portable concept is what appeals to me the most.  Hopefully Giuliana Rancic is working on a Cabernet for the red wine lovers… and it would be wonderful if more stores would carry the collection!

I give this product 3 paws.

GoDog Crazy Tugz Sasquatch Dog Toy Review


This unique 18″ long toy has arms and legs that can be pulled up and down for playing tug with your pup!  Bubba was instantly intrigued about the new and different feature of the movable limbs on his new toy.  I bought this GoDog Tugz Sasquatch from DrsFosterSmith.com for $10.99.

The “chew guard technology” did not outlast the jaws of my rotty.  He chewed through a hand and got one of the squeakers out within 10 minutes.  Within an hour he had both arm/ leg pieces pulled through the torso, making the toy 3 pieces now.  Although the 3 pieces lasted separately for about a week, it was disappointing that the toy could only be played with, the way it was intended to be… for less than an hour.


Such an adorable dog toy concept… too bad it wasn’t constructed with heavy chewer dog play in mind.  The durability level of the sasquatch toy for my 80-lb rottweiler was low.

I give this toy 2 paws.

Up & Up Nail Polish Remover Pads Review


Fed up like me, with sore hands from removing glitter nail polish?! These nail polish remover pads are a much better alternative to bottle nail polish remover & cotton rounds.  This is my first time venturing away from the traditional nail polish remover in a bottle. Despite the many acetone-soaked pad options available these days, I decided to start my sampling with this box from Target’s Up & Up brand.  Priced at $3 for a box of 10 extra thick felt pads, these claim to “help remove gel nail polish”.

This advanced formula “contains naturally derived coconut, avocado and olive oils” and claims to “help strengthen and nourish nails”.  So how did it perform?!?

  • Gelliebeans Gel Nail Polish — Did NOT help remove this gel nail polish, at all.  Nothing happened.  This is the true gel nail polish that requires the use of an LED light to set.
  • Sally Hansen OMGel! Polish — works wonderfully to remove polish on all 10 nails, with only 1 pad!
  • Sally Hansen Glitter Nail Polish Strips — this took 2 pads & I still had to clean up my nails & fingers with traditional bottle remover and cotton rounds.  Very messy & still a slight struggle.
  • Sally Hansen Non-Glitter Nail Polish Strips — Easily removed with only 1 pad!
  • OPI traditional, non-gel nail polish — works like perfection, with only 1 pad.

These pads are very very saturated with acetone, so although they easily remove most polishes, they can spread the polish onto your fingers, making quite the mess.  I wish these pads were slightly larger.  I will continue sampling nail polish remover pads… until I find the very best one!

I give this product 3 paws.

Hyper Pet Gnarly Gnaws Stick Ball Dog Toy Review


Dog toy #7 of 7, from a recent trip to Marshalls,… is the last from that haul.  I gave this tennis ball tug toy to my 75-lb. rottweiler Bubba last week & within an hour he chewed through the “edge binding for durability” on the corners of both ends, forcing me to remove all the stuffing from the stick portion, in hopes that some more play time could be salvaged from this toy.  As Bubba does, he crazily whipped it back and forth, and it was about 24 hours before the ball flew right off the flattened mesh “high performance material” & across the room,  LOL!  I paid $4 for this Gnarly Gnaws dog toy.  I was able to find the exact item online, at amazon.com, for $5.99… so this wasn’t a stellar deal, but i still saved 2 bucks!


In the above picture, bottom left corner, you can see the chewed edge binding… and the smile on Bubb’s adorable face indicates that he is very proud of the destruction he’s caused to this toy LOL.


And as Bubba does with all his new toys,… he took a nap with it LOL. The toy was a great design for playing tug, but it sadly was not very durable.

I give this dog toy 2 paws.

Sage & Row Bare Shave Cream Review


This shave cream is highly overpriced!  I received this in my May 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box and it retails $17 for a 3.5 oz tube. I’ve been shaving my legs with this product over the past month or so and I don’t feel that it does anything more for my skin, than the brand I normally use, Skintimate.  Sure, it’s a good shave cream, but so is Skintimate… which is only $4 per 7 oz can.  Plus, Skintimate has some amazing signature scented gels that I’ve been hooked on for more than a decade!

Both Sage & Row Bare shave cream and Skintimate shave gels provide smooth, sleek legs, vitamin E and shea butter and provide great results… so I’m not sure why anyone would willingly pay $13 more for a shave cream, when a $4 shave gel delivers the same results and more product!

Primarily due to cost, I give this product 2 paws.