Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Whale with Treat Pocket Dog Toy Review


Dog toy #6 of 7, from a recent trip to Marshalls provided Bubba with a whale of a good time!  I gave this squeaking whale toy to my 75-lb. rottweiler, Bubba, a few weeks ago & it is 90% intact after hours and hours of play.  I say 90% because Bubb chewed off both fins and half of the tail LOL.  I paid $5 for this Kathy Ireland Loved Ones dog toy… the first of this brand I’ve ever purchased, because until I saw this, I had no idea Kathy Ireland even had a collection of dog toys!  I was able to find the exact item online, at amazon.com, for $12.99… so this was a great deal!


I love that this toy has a heart-shaped treat pocket!  One piece of advice though… don’t put treats in the pocket that easily break or crumble… I suggest jerky type treats… otherwise crumbs will be wedged way down in the pocket and be impossible to get out!  This cuddly toy put a giant smile on Bubbs precious face …which puts an immediate smile on my face!

I give this dog toy 4 paws!

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