Sage & Row Bare Shave Cream Review


This shave cream is highly overpriced!  I received this in my May 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box and it retails $17 for a 3.5 oz tube. I’ve been shaving my legs with this product over the past month or so and I don’t feel that it does anything more for my skin, than the brand I normally use, Skintimate.  Sure, it’s a good shave cream, but so is Skintimate… which is only $4 per 7 oz can.  Plus, Skintimate has some amazing signature scented gels that I’ve been hooked on for more than a decade!

Both Sage & Row Bare shave cream and Skintimate shave gels provide smooth, sleek legs, vitamin E and shea butter and provide great results… so I’m not sure why anyone would willingly pay $13 more for a shave cream, when a $4 shave gel delivers the same results and more product!

Primarily due to cost, I give this product 2 paws.

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