Hyper Pet Gnarly Gnaws Stick Ball Dog Toy Review


Dog toy #7 of 7, from a recent trip to Marshalls,… is the last from that haul.  I gave this tennis ball tug toy to my 75-lb. rottweiler Bubba last week & within an hour he chewed through the “edge binding for durability” on the corners of both ends, forcing me to remove all the stuffing from the stick portion, in hopes that some more play time could be salvaged from this toy.  As Bubba does, he crazily whipped it back and forth, and it was about 24 hours before the ball flew right off the flattened mesh “high performance material” & across the room,  LOL!  I paid $4 for this Gnarly Gnaws dog toy.  I was able to find the exact item online, at amazon.com, for $5.99… so this wasn’t a stellar deal, but i still saved 2 bucks!


In the above picture, bottom left corner, you can see the chewed edge binding… and the smile on Bubb’s adorable face indicates that he is very proud of the destruction he’s caused to this toy LOL.


And as Bubba does with all his new toys,… he took a nap with it LOL. The toy was a great design for playing tug, but it sadly was not very durable.

I give this dog toy 2 paws.

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