Up & Up Nail Polish Remover Pads Review


Fed up like me, with sore hands from removing glitter nail polish?! These nail polish remover pads are a much better alternative to bottle nail polish remover & cotton rounds.  This is my first time venturing away from the traditional nail polish remover in a bottle. Despite the many acetone-soaked pad options available these days, I decided to start my sampling with this box from Target’s Up & Up brand.  Priced at $3 for a box of 10 extra thick felt pads, these claim to “help remove gel nail polish”.

This advanced formula “contains naturally derived coconut, avocado and olive oils” and claims to “help strengthen and nourish nails”.  So how did it perform?!?

  • Gelliebeans Gel Nail Polish — Did NOT help remove this gel nail polish, at all.  Nothing happened.  This is the true gel nail polish that requires the use of an LED light to set.
  • Sally Hansen OMGel! Polish — works wonderfully to remove polish on all 10 nails, with only 1 pad!
  • Sally Hansen Glitter Nail Polish Strips — this took 2 pads & I still had to clean up my nails & fingers with traditional bottle remover and cotton rounds.  Very messy & still a slight struggle.
  • Sally Hansen Non-Glitter Nail Polish Strips — Easily removed with only 1 pad!
  • OPI traditional, non-gel nail polish — works like perfection, with only 1 pad.

These pads are very very saturated with acetone, so although they easily remove most polishes, they can spread the polish onto your fingers, making quite the mess.  I wish these pads were slightly larger.  I will continue sampling nail polish remover pads… until I find the very best one!

I give this product 3 paws.

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