GoDog Crazy Tugz Sasquatch Dog Toy Review


This unique 18″ long toy has arms and legs that can be pulled up and down for playing tug with your pup!  Bubba was instantly intrigued about the new and different feature of the movable limbs on his new toy.  I bought this GoDog Tugz Sasquatch from DrsFosterSmith.com for $10.99.

The “chew guard technology” did not outlast the jaws of my rotty.  He chewed through a hand and got one of the squeakers out within 10 minutes.  Within an hour he had both arm/ leg pieces pulled through the torso, making the toy 3 pieces now.  Although the 3 pieces lasted separately for about a week, it was disappointing that the toy could only be played with, the way it was intended to be… for less than an hour.


Such an adorable dog toy concept… too bad it wasn’t constructed with heavy chewer dog play in mind.  The durability level of the sasquatch toy for my 80-lb rottweiler was low.

I give this toy 2 paws.

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