Xo,G Giuliana 4 Premium Wine Glasses Review


I saw an ad for this wine in a fashion magazine and immediately thought it was a neat concept.  Four lightweight, shatterproof, pre-filled glasses of wine, stacked for under $10.  I was disappointed that I had to go to Walmart to get it… because I’m a Target girl all the way LOL!  I would have loved to try the Moscato and get the 4-pack of Pinot Noir, but the only option at Walmart was the mix pack pictured.  A Rosé 4-pack is also available, according to the website (that you can’t order from) xogwine.com.  It is however available from 3 online stores, listed under the “BUY XOG” tab.

Cabernet and Pinot Noir are my two favorite types of wine and I prefer medium and full-bodied wines.  The Xo,G Pinot Noir is very good… I wasn’t crazy about the Pinot Grigio… but I don’t typically like that type of wine in any brand.

I won’t be getting this mix pack again, but I would absolutely buy the 4-pack of Pinot Noir!  It is the perfect portable wine for a picnic or sunset viewing… NO corkscrew & glass needed!  Generally I don’t have a problem finishing a bottle of wine in 2 days by myself LOL… so the portable concept is what appeals to me the most.  Hopefully Giuliana Rancic is working on a Cabernet for the red wine lovers… and it would be wonderful if more stores would carry the collection!

I give this product 3 paws.

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